Partnering with Lafarge Canada Inc., Metro Testing + Engineering’s Role on the interchange Projects includes:

  • Concrete, grout, shotcrete – field and lab testing
  • Soils/ granular – field and lab testing
  • Asphalt – field and lab testing

Mountain Highway Interchange

The Mountain Highway Overpass was designed and built over 50 years ago.   Upgrades are necessary to improve traffic flow during peak time, reduce highway inefficiencies at key points, improve access to, and facilitate the flow of traffic on Highway 1 and support better connections between municipalities.  Replacement and reconstruction of the interchanges are also necessary to accommodate future Highway 1 improvements.

These upgrades are all part of a larger plan to improve BC Roads and Highways and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Government of Canada are partnering in the design and construction of a new interchange at Highway 1 and Mountain Highway.

The Interchange design will be constructed to meet current engineering standards, improving safety for all users. The original interchange configurations were close in proximity to each other and had short merge distances, narrow shoulders and lane drop-offs. 

The new interchange will consist of the following key components:

  • Construction of on/off ramps in all four quadrants
  • Signalization at both ends of the new structure to provide the safe movement of traffic on and off Mountain Highway
  • Replacement of the existing two-lane Mountain Highway underpass with a new four-lane structure
  • Full intersection at Keith Road/Brooksbank Avenue/Mountain Highway
  • New realigned Mountain Highway

The design will also include overall improvements and expansion of facilities for alternate modes of transport; improved bike and pedestrian facilities, a protected intersection at mountain Highway/Brooksbank Avenue/Keith Road, the addition of approximately 645 meters of multi-use pathways, 850 meters of roadway bike paths and 260 meters of sidewalk that will integrate with existing facilities.   Transit reliability will also improve as a result of the overall reduction in congestion that this project will bring.

Benefits to the Environment

Through environmental and drainage enhancements, fish and wildlife habitats will also be better protected thanks to the rehabilitation of Keith Creek and riparian planting of native species.

Project Milestones:

  • New underpass open spring 2019
  • New eastbound off-ramp open spring 2019
  • New westbound on-ramp open spring 2019
  • Mountain Highway project completion summer 2019

Next Phase:

The Keith Road/Seymour Parkway Interchange Project is currently getting underway. 

The Keith Road/Seymour Parkway interchange provides access to highway 1 and is an important east/west connection for North Shore residents. The new interchange will improve safety and reduce traffic interruptions with ramp re-configurations and improved traffic flow along Keith Road to Mount Seymour Parkway.