Medical Gas Conformity

Medical Gas Testing, Inspection & Certification

Our team has over 15 years of experience providing Medical Gas testing, inspection, and certifications for any new or renovated Medical Gas Piping Systems throughout BC. Our highly trained staff offer friendly, knowledgeable, and timely assistance you can depend on.

METRO’s Medical Gas division is accredited and recognized by the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) for the inspection and certification of pipelines for conformity to the CSA Z7396.1-17 standards used for medical gas systems. The standard provides a description of the procedures for the testing and inspection of non-flammable medical gas piping systems. Specifically, gas piping systems in any health care facility (medical or dental) are tested and inspected to determine performance and code conformity.

The final report, whether for certification or maintenance, includes the status of the medical gas system and its conformance to the requirements of the CSA Z7396.1 standard.  If necessary, the report will outline any issues found during the inspection and make recommendations for addressing and correcting those issues.

Quality Management - Metro Testing + Engineering
  • On-site inspections during construction to spot potential issues, collect piping coupons and cut outs and to view brazing procedures
  • Outlet flow and concentration testing
  • Zone alarm checks
  • Zone valve checks
  • Supply system alarm checks
  • Gas sampling of medical gases for purity and particulate tests
  • Maintenance and on-going verification checks

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