Our Vision

Metro Testing + Engineering’s vision is to be at the forefront of all sustainability developments. We will continue to ensure that the Company’s excellent record of customer performance is balanced with the environmental, social, and economic decision making processes.

Our Sustainability Development

Metro Testing + Engineering offers a common sense approach to the delivery and performance of our sustainability practices. Our continuous sustainable development encompasses the environment, socio-cultural, and economic influence.  Metro Testing + Engineering’s principles of sustainable development are promoting, supporting, and implementing organic operation and growth without compromising the commitment and quality of service to our clients.

Our Sustainability Policy

Since Metro’s inception in 1987, the people have always been the core of the business.  It’s the people who make Metro Testing + Engineering what it is today.  Being an equal opportunity employer, Metro continues to hire skilled people from North America and abroad.  Metro values the diversity of its people, respects their rights and ensures that employees have a safe, healthy and secure work environment.   


Our Economic Outlook

Metro Testing + Engineering invests in initiatives that advance sustainable growth. Our team integrates strategies geared towards sustainability in economic decision making.

Our Environmental Program

Metro Testing + Engineering’s Environmental Training and Programs are designed to ensure minimal environmental impact during the construction phases of projects. 

Our environmental team are qualified professionals with expertise in contaminated site safety and investigation, hazardous material assessments, environmental regulations and permitting, and environmental management. 

Metro’s Environmental Plans include a description of key on-site personnel and environmental management responsibilities.