Fire Proofing Inspection & Testing

Metro Testing + Engineering’s Fire Proofing Inspection & Testing supports building code regulations that refer to the revised ASTM E119 standard that provides a particular fire rating to unprotected concrete and treated concrete that has been sprayed with fire-proofing materials. The services include a complete review of project specifications and technical data sheets in combination with site visits and visual inspections. A Field Review Report and Letter of Assurance are also provided.


  • Review of project specifications and technical data sheets
  • Visual inspection of treated areas
  • In-place thickness and density determination (ASTM E605)
  • Bond test
  • Field Review Reports and Letter of Assurance

Specialty Services

Acid Rock Drainage/Metal Leaching Testing & Evaluation
Cured-In-Place Pipe Testing
Cutting, Coring, GPR Scanning & Pull Testing
Fibre Composite Testing Services
Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing/3D Mapping
Pile Driving Analysis Testing
Resistograph Testing
Soils & Aggregate Corrosivity
Soil Thermal Resistivity
Structural Health Monitoring
Thermal Management In Mass Concrete
Window Testing