Soil Thermal Resistivity

Metro Testing + Engineering’s testing and consulting services for soil characteristics are backed by sophisticated data analysis that comes from years of research experience on heat and mass transfer in soils and other porous materials.  Soil thermal resistivity (TR) is an important thermal characteristic to measure – when heat generates in utility cables, whether direct buried or in an underground pipe, it must be carried away through the soil surrounding the cables. The rate of heat dissipation determines the temperature the cable will reach during any loading condition. If the temperature becomes too high the cable can be damaged. 

Using the transient line heat source method, the Metro team can measure thermal diffusivity, heat capacity, thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity, and if necessary, can help select and/or develop suitable backfill materials for specific use. Field thermal resistivity surveys can also be conducted upon request for new construction projects or existing projects where there are concerns or signs of cable failure. 


  • Soil characteristic testing
  • Measurement of soil thermal resistivity
  • Sophisticated data analysis
  • Field thermal resistivity testing

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