Cutting & Coring

Metro Testing + Engineering’s technicians specialize in concrete cutting, coring and drilling. A complete scope of concrete removal of slab-on-grade for pits, bases, service trenches and other applications, as well as total disposal of materials off-site are available.

Coring is invaluable for various purposes including the installation/removal of conduits, duct work, water, electrical and gas lines. Using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to safely assess and report any obstructions in the concrete or asphalt, prior to penetrating into the structure, trained technicians can drill holes from ¼” to 12” in diameter and extract cores from 6 inches to more than 20 feet. Gas powered coring equipment gives technicians the ability to provide coring services in remote locations.


  • Flat sawing
  • Slabs can be cut up to 32” in depth from the surface


  • In situ concrete strength confirmation
  • Road evaluation with asphalt depth and density
Cutting & Coring - Metro Testing + Engineering
Cutting & Coring - Metro Testing + Engineering

Specialty Services

Acid Rock Drainage/Metal Leaching Testing & Evaluation
Cured-In-Place Pipe Testing
Fibre Composite Testing Services
Fire Proofing Inspection & Testing
Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing/3D Mapping
Pile Driving Analysis Testing
Resistograph Testing
Soils & Aggregate Corrosivity
Soil Thermal Resistivity
Structural Health Monitoring
Thermal Management In Mass Concrete
Window Testing