Post-Tensioning (PT)

Metro Testing + Engineering provides monitoring and inspection services for post-tensioned structures that are often used in site-constrained scenarios or in dramatic architectural designs. The services typically include the observation and review of material handling and storage to ensure material compatibility between the concrete, steel, tendons, and other components.

Inspectors understand the basic design process and structural behaviour of a post-tensioned system and can provide valuable construction advice. Post-stressing activities include the monitoring of tendon end-capping and patching.


  • Observation of material handling and storage
  • Confirming proper post-tension tendon placement and post-tension tendon protection during the concrete pour
  • In-situ concrete strength determination prior to stressing
  • Monitoring of strand pull-force and elongation during stressing
  • Monitoring tendon-end capping and patching after stressing
  • Comprehensive Post-tension Summary Report
  • On-site construction advice
Post-Tensioning (PT) - Metro Testing + Engineering

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