Metro Testing + Engineering provides a wide range of shotcrete consulting services, including nozzleman training, ACI nozzleman certifications, shotcrete mix designs (including fibre shotcretes and high-performance shotcrete), shotcrete placement monitoring and trouble-shooting for the wet-mix and dry-mix shotcrete processes.  The Metro team also provides specifications for shotcrete work and QC/QA services for shotcrete projects.

Metro Testing + Engineering’s shotcrete experience spans many unique applications for shotcrete in underground, rock slope stabilization, marine, civil and structural applications and our laboratories are capable of performing a multitude of tests on fresh and hardened shotcrete.


  • Nozzleman training and ACI nozzleman certification
  • Shotcrete mix designs
  • Shotcrete placement monitoring
  • Trouble shoot for wet-mix and dry-mix shotcrete processes
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control services for shotcrete projects

Specialty Services

Acid Rock Drainage/Metal Leaching Testing & Evaluation
Cured-In-Place Pipe Testing
Cutting, Coring, GPR Scanning & Pull Testing
Fibre Composite Testing Services
Fire Proofing Inspection & Testing
Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing/3D Mapping
Pile Driving Analysis Testing
Resistograph Testing
Soils & Aggregate Corrosivity
Soil Thermal Resistivity
Structural Health Monitoring
Thermal Management In Mass Concrete
Window Testing