Metro Testing + Engineering provides a wide range of shotcrete services including applications in underground service tunnels, slope stabilization, marine and civil structures. Services include ACI training and certification for nozzlemen, consulting on shotcrete mix designs (including fibre shotcrete and high-performance shotcrete), shotcrete placement, shotcrete monitoring, and troubleshooting. A variety of tests on fresh and hardened shotcrete using standard mock-up panels are done in the laboratory.


  • American Concrete Institute (AC) training & certification
  • Shotcrete mix designs
  • Shotcrete placement monitoring
  • Troubleshooting of wet-mix and dry-mix shotcrete processes
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control services
Shotcrete - Metro Testing + Engineering

Specialty Services

Acid Rock Drainage/Metal Leaching Testing & Evaluation
Cured-In-Place Pipe Testing
Cutting, Coring, GPR Scanning & Pull Testing
Fibre Composite Testing Services
Fire Proofing Inspection & Testing
Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing/3D Mapping
Pile Driving Analysis Testing
Resistograph Testing
Soils & Aggregate Corrosivity
Soil Thermal Resistivity
Structural Health Monitoring
Thermal Management In Mass Concrete
Window Testing