Air Tightness Testing

Metro Testing + Engineering provides air tightness testing to meet the whole-building energy model outlined in the BC Energy Step Code for high-efficiency buildings as the province moves towards achieving the future Net Zero Ready building code requirement. The air tightness of a building envelope is measured to determine the air leakage rate to ensure a building is constructed to air-tightness expectations. Blower fans are setup for a “blower door test” in combination with a micro leakage meter to measure the variance in air pressure in the building space. Although primarily used in new building construction, air tightness testing can also be used for building retrofits. Air tightness testing can help determine energy efficiency under different environmental conditions, identify previously unknown leaks, identify potential condensation issues, minimize the effects of outside air pollution, and provide information to optimize mechanical engineering designs.


  • Meet Step 1 of the BC Energy Step Code requirements
  • Provide building pre-inspection services, training, supervision, sealing, and testing
  • Obtain baseline data of air leakage for certain construction designs

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